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Pest control and the ever changing seasons collectively go hand in hand with one another. With each new season, it also means a new array of pests to come with it. Ladybug pest management offers safe and reliable year round pest extermination services in Sussex and Kent counties in Delaware. At this time we do not service New Castle County. We would like to help you cease these pesky pests from making your home their own.

In the frigid conditions in the winter, the heat from your home attracts these pests into your living area. Crawl spaces, attics and basements can become a sanctuary for these pests to nest in the cooler winter months.

Summer and Spring deliver longer days, fun in the sun, and unfortunately plenty of pests and bugs along Delmarva. Although some of these bugs are constructive members of your home ecosystem, others are solely pests that are not only aggravating, but can also be very dangerous.

Below is a list of the most prominent pest in Delmarva and how they may enter your home:

  • Mosquitos: Not only are mosquitos one of the most irritating insects, but they are also one of the most dangerous. Mosquitos are carriers, or transporters of some of the most deadly diseases. Mosquito-borne diseases are the cause of millions of death worldwide. Mosquitos are proficient at entering houses through any entry available such as vents, door screens, broken windows or though an attic.
  • Ants: Ants are not generally dangerous, but they can cause some serious damage to the food supply within your home. The queen ant spends all of her adulthood consistently reproducing, which can lead to hundreds of ants within your home. Ants are generally so small that they are able to enter the home through any crack or crevice within the homes foundation. They generally come in the home in the search for food for their colony.
  • Spiders: These creepy crawlers can be helpful in containing other pests within your home, but some may have extremely dangerous bites. Spiders are able to enter the home through any small opening within the house.
  • Termites: Termites can cause excessive property damage to your home. They are able to chew through wood, wallpaper and flooring unexpectedly. Each year, termites cause more than 5 billion dollars worldwide in property damage. In their search for food (wood) termites can squeeze through just about any tiny crack that is in your homes foundation.
  • Fleas: These bothersome insects can cause irritating and itchy bites that can potentially carry dangerous diseases and bacteria. A flea is mainly brought into the home through a furred animal, whether it is a domestic pet such as a dog or cat, or a wild animal such as a raccoon or rabbit that is within close proximity.
  • Roaches: Cockroaches are not only unwelcome pests but they can post a real threat to human health by consuming our food and contaminating the dining environment.

Serve these pests their eviction notice and prevent them from returning with services offered from Ladybug Pest Management. Our mission is to continuously ask ourselves how we can better serve our customers today than we did yesterday!

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