K9 Scent Detection Dogs

Delmarva's Own Certified Bed Bug Detection Beagles: Dixie, Dolley and Daisey

K9 Scent Detection Dogs Delmarva's own Daisey, Dolley and Dixie are certified bed bug sniffing canines. Daisey, Dolley and Dixie work with our outstanding team here at Ladybug Pest Management in Delmar, Delaware. All three of our scent detection dogs have been specifically trained to sniff out bed bugs wherever they may be located within the residence.

Dogs have widely been used for their keen sense of smell to detect a variety of substances ranging from drugs to mold. Specific species of canines can contain over three hundred million receptors in their noses compared to about thirty million for humans. To simply say that their sense of smell is amazing, is completely an understatement. Their astonishing sense of smell is what helps them to be able to track scents through different areas while distinguishing between the slightest of differences. While it can take many hours for a human to examine through an entire room, while tearing apart furniture and possibly having to rip up floor boards to visually locate these malicious bugs, our recent detection dogs are capable of smelling out the presence of live infestations in a given area within minutes. Not only does this save much time for the customer as well as for the technician, but can also help the customer save up to hundreds of dollars of treatment in non specific areas. It is Daisey, Dolley and Dixie's job to find all of the harboring areas of bed bugs, whether they are traditional or untraditional. They sniff these pesky bed bugs out, just like a bomb sniffing dog would smell if there was a bomb nearby.

The name "bed bug" derives from the fact that they traditionally harbor in beds or on any other soft upholstered material where people sleep. Although the bedding area is where bed bugs are most likely to be located, they can and will hide in any soft area including baseboards, behind wallpaper, picture frames, and any type of furniture or upholstery. Bed bugs have also been found to temporarily harbor in other spaces such as back packs, movie theatre seats, or underneath the seat of any type of vehicle including trains, buses or possibly even your own personal vehicle.

Serve these disturbing bed bugs their eviction notice and call Ladybug Pest Management to make an appointment with our outstanding canine scent detection dogs today. Bed bugs remain to be the most difficult pest to treat in the world of pest control. Bed bugs can lay one to five eggs in just one day. This can quickly escalade into a big problem when bed bugs are located in different areas within the home or business. Their reproduction rate is one of the main reasons that bed bugs are so difficult to be contained.

Our scent detection dogs are certified once a year by a third party independent organization. Certificates of evaluation will be provided to the customer upon their request. We look forward to hearing from you!

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